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Trondheim Skyåsvegen 26 , Trondheim

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I have been working and living in Norway for the period April 2015 to September 2016. Prior to moving to Norway my new employer found me the apartment at this address which I rented for the whole timed that I stayed in Norway. I had stipulated four things that I required in the apartment to my new employer, namely that it was fully furnished, that it was nearby to public transport, that it was within walking distance of a supermarket and that it had two bedrooms, but otherwise I accepted the apartment ‘sight unseen’ based on the recommendation of my new employer. When I arrived at the apartment I was very pleased with the selection that my new employer had made on my behalf. The apartment is in a very nice area of Trondheim located next to a public park area and with a beautiful view northward over Trondheim Fjord. A bus-stop for the number 22 Tyholt-Vestlia bus route is very conveniently located less than 200 m away down Østerlivegen on Persaunetvegen, and the Valentinlyst Shopping Centre is a short 10 minute walk away. The apartment is also very well located in relation to the Solsiden, Sirkus and City Lade Shopping Centres, which are all within easy walking distance, as is the centre of Trondheim itself. There was an initial period of 14 days in which I could inspect the apartment for any faults – there were none but it was nevertheless a good opportunity to make sure that everything worked as it should The apartment was also spacious which was perfect for my wife and I, with a generous sized lounge and two good sized bedrooms, one of which was used as a double office. The apartment was also very well appointed with good quality furniture, linen, kitchen appliances, etc. I have had 30 years’ experience in the building industry and could see that everything in the apartment was of a high standard. The apartment was also very warm and dry. We had come from a warmer climate overseas and were not sure what to expect in Norwegian homes but were pleasantly surprised as to how dry and warm the apartment was. We used the electrical heaters to heat the apartment in winter, and found this very cheap and efficient. The landlord provided us with free firewood for the fire, but we didn’t use this over winter, but just relied on the electrical heating. Even though we dried all our washing on airing frames in the lounge there was no problem with moisture in the apartment. The landlord was also tremendously helpful in many different ways. When I first arrived in Trondheim, he took me to the electricity company to signed up for an electricity supply contract, to the Tax Office, to AtB to get a bus pass, to Tiller to look at cars, etc. This was a tremendous help for a newcomer to Norway. Throughout the time that we lived in the apartment the landlord showed us how to do things, took us to different things, collected us from the airport, and so on. The landlord also indicated that a new bathroom would be installed as soon as an opportunity arose to do so and sure enough, while away on holiday for a few weeks, a completely brand new bathroom was installed which was fantastic. Whenever there was a malfunction with anything the landlord would immediately get it sorted out. For example, there was a problem with the refrigerator at one point and the landlord immediately purchased and had installed a brand new replacement, no questions asked. On another occasion, there was a problem with the hot water, and the landlord immediately had the issue resolved by replacing the faulty hot water cylinder. When my wife and I decided to return to our own country and advised the landlord, he went out of his way to help with temporary accommodation, firstly for a short period in the second of the two rental units at the same address while it was briefly vacant before new tenants moved in, and then for a period in the landlord’s own apartment. I therefore saw all the different apartments at this address and all were of a high standard. In summary, I cannot speak highly enough of the landlord and the apartments that we rented and would highly recommend these apartments to prospective tenants.

  • Pris: Ukjent
  • Strøm: Ikke inkludert
  • Utleietype: Privat utleier
  • Depositumsordning: Tenant Guarantee

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